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"It is believed that P2P-lending is a modern phenomenon. However, the first attempt to build such a system was undertaken in 1934 in Switzerland. That time was based on the concept of "free money" by an economist and innovator Johan Silvio Gesell who created WIR cooperative bank.
WIR is a mechanism created to overcome a payment crisis, developed under the influence of Great Depression. Today WIR includes more than 80 000 companies providing an annual turnover in amount of 1.5 billion CHF. This is one of a few attempts providing successful interest-free exchange of goods and services, which has been carried out.
And this business is about P2P-projects. In certain degree it refers to Alpha Stream (P2P-project that was launched some days ago). All such projects are all united with a desire to give investors and borrowers really convenient fanancial tool.
Despite the alarming news about the collapse of several large eastern P2P-platforms I want to believe that the current systems will be the same tool for the change of stalled World banking system.
In any case, the first steps have already been made and they look very impressive. It seems that our representation about fintech and investments will change soon."
RMG partners P2P-report is the most comprehensive study of the Russian and global P2P-market:

- it covers transactions, forecasts and trends in P2P-market in Russia and abroad;

- it is FREE for subscribers;

- it includes leading experts' commentary;

- it is published in Russian and English.

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RMG partners is an independent investment company. For 20 years RMG partners holds an impeccable reputation as a reliable partner.

Our team provides the following services:

- Consulting in a sale of business / finding a strategic investor,
- Consultancy at a business acquisition or joint venture,
- Raising investments,
- The development of start-ups and technology companies.

RMG partners is one of the founders and an active member of the National Alternative Investment Management Association (NAIMA).
RMG partners is the exclusive partner of «M&A Worldwide», leading international organization for cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

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