We provide our clients with M&A advisory services
and assist in fund raising
Are You interested in business growth and
raising investment?

Since 1993 our specialists help to grow the value of assets and enhance the attractiveness to investors.

People who turn to us ask for such services as evaluation of a company, determination of indicators of growth, making a strategy for futher development and attraction of funding.

Besides our team provides an operating support and search for partners on the foreign markets, makes a preliminary marketing analysis, hypes before investment deals and carries out Exit / IPO.
RMG partners helps companies to attract private capital for development and growth of their business
We work with different banks, a large number of private equity funds and family-offices in Russia and abroad. RMG partners has successful experience in private equity and implementation of an IPO on the stock exchange.

RMG Partners helps companies to attract private capital for development and growth of their business
We work with different banks, a large number of private equity funds and family-offices in Russia and abroad. RMG Partners has successful experience in private equity and implementation of an IPO on the stock exchange.

M&A accompaniment

Our team can help you to evaluate the cost of a company, prepare a financial and strategic development plan, find an investor and accompany the transaction process. We help Russian and foreign strategic investors to find the target company to acquire the industry partners. Our company takes over the management of the negotiating process and controls the transaction process in accordance with the Russian and foreign law. We also give consultancy in the sale of business / finding a strategic investor/ buying a business /establishment of joint venture. RMG partners is an exclusive partner of «M&A Worldwide» - the leading international organization that helps to carry out cross-border mergers and acquisitions.
Hi-tech investments
RMG partners invests in young, fast-growing companies which work in the next fields:

- internet technology;
- information and telecommunication systems;
- medical technologies and health care;
- industrial technologies (construction, automotive components);
- ecosystem exploitation ( water purification system );
- nanoscale system and materials;
- energy and energy efficiency;
- clean technologies;
- agro and biotechnology;
- aviation and space systems

Investment consulting
For more than 20 years RMG partners have gained experience in investment field. The aim of our team is to help clients to optimize company's resources, increase company effectiveness and promote futher business growth. Our company gives an objective business evaluation, makes up investment and marketing strategy and searches for business partners.

An objective review of the development of russian venture capital industry
Arseniy Dabbakh
One of the founders at RMG partners.

Founder, Managing Partner (2005-2010) at Gurus Capital, an investment boutique that specializes in work with foreign strategic investors. Arseniy has fifteen-year professional experience in corporate finance, sales and marketing. He has started his career in major international companies (3M, Wrigley, Imation), participated in M&A transactions and projects to raise funds and private equity (PE/VC).

Key competences - M&A transactions, investments in technology companies.
Arseniy graduated from Peoples' Friendship University (Moscow), got MBA degree in California State University, studied at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, PE&VC Courses.

Member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of the Alternative Investment Market (NAURAN/NAIMA).

E-mail: ad@rmg-partners.ru
Arshak Manasov
One of the founders at RMG partners.

Member of the Board of Directors NP "RTS". Founder and CEO at JSC "Rye, Man & Gor Securities" (1994-2014).In 1991-1994 was a cofounder and director of one of the first Russian broker companies JSC "Russian Equity".

Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics.

E-mail: am@rmg-partners.ru

Alexey Goryachev
One of the founders at RMG partners.

Cofounder, Chairman of the Board of Directors at RMG (1994 - 2014). Before receiving an MBA degree at the University of Kennedy in 2001, has studied economics and accounting at the Moscow Academy of Finance.
In 1989 Alexey has started his career at Federal State Statistics Service.
In 1990-1991 - the Chief Expert on Securirties at the First Russian Stock Exchange.
In 1991-1992 - a founding partner and director at JSC "Russian Equity".
In 1992-1994 - the Executive at the National Investment Fund. Alexey is one of the best russian investors according to Venture Awards.

E-mail: ag@rmg-partners.ru

Kirill Maltsev
One of the founders at RMG partners

1995 -2014 - Managing Director ar RMG.
2014 - present - Managing Partner at RMG partners.

E-mail: km@rmg-partners.ru
Мария Бобровская

Участвовала в различных M&A и buy-side проектах в таких секторах, как потребительские товары и ритейл, фармацевтика, энергетика, сельское хозяйство и др.

До прихода в RMG Мария работала в мезонинном фонде Hi Capital, инвестиционном банке Jefferies, консалтинговой компании Deloitte и банке Уралсиб.

Мария получила степень бакалавра экономики и специалиста по финансовому менеджменту в Санкт-Петербургском университете экономики и финансов, а также степень магистра финансов в бизнес-школе Imperial College London.

E-mail: mb@rmg-partners.ru

RMG partners provides venture capital investment in innovative,
fast-growing young companies
National Alternative Investment Management Association is the non-profit partnership, which aims at drawing attention at the market of direct and venture investments, creation of a favorable legal environment, assistance in raising capital and Russian investment market promotion into the international markets.
Moscow Seed Fund
The main purpose of the seed fund is to invest along with private investors in innovative projects. All investment deals are conducted at the expense of Moscow budget.
M&A Worldwide
«M&A Worldwide» is the International network of partners formed in 2004 and now brings together 40 investment companies in more than 40 countries. The purpose of the organization is an information exchange and organization of M&A transactions between partners.

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