RMG partners invests in innovative,
fast growing young companies
RMG partners invests in innovative, fast growing young companies working in the following fields:
    - internet technology;
    - information and telecommunication systems;
    - medical technologies and health care;
    - industrial technologies;
    - ecosystem exploitation ( water purification system );
    - nanoscale system and materials;
    - energy and energy efficiency;
    - clean technologies;
    - agro- and biotechnology;
    - aviation and space systems.

      RMG partners has its demands to the companies which want to be invested:
        - a company operates or plans to make operations in Russia;
        - an amount of funding per project should be from $100 thousand to $2 million;
        - a company has an ambitious team: professionals with experience in the industry; where the company work;
        - a company has a high yield;
        - a company is going to enter the global market;
        - a company understands options how an investor can leave a project.
          Over the years the company has implemented a number of investment projects. Some of them we present for your review.
          Russian developer of specialized software for publishing content in mobile devices
          Bentus Laboratories
          Development, production and distribution of hygienic protection means
          Dynamic packaging platform
          providing tourist services
          Invoice Marketplace
          Online marketplace for fundraising
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